Transit Digital has done it again! We had the honor of taking an existing website and bringing it back to life! Introducing www.waddellpainting.net! We approached Waddell Painting website as a chance to show the client that a complete re-design and restructuring of their content would be beneficial to their online reputation. Not only was the client happy with the redesign, they were excited to see their brand updated.

Not only were they in need of a website makeover they wanted to embrace newer technologies offered on the web today. It was important to the client to have a “Customer Updates Center” that they could position as a tool to keep their clients informed on job status.

Waddell Painting also was looking to put an easy way for their clients to view samples of color schemes. So implemented a simple color gallery that would show the same home in a number of color variations. This small addition proved to be very useful to Waddell’s client base.

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Waddell Painting